Talking through your contraception options with an expert can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. So you’ve made the first step towards safer sex by deciding to talk about contraception methods you can choose from, but how do you decide where’s the best place to go for advice? And what are they going to ask you?

How can my family GP help?

If you want to talk through your options with a familiar face, you can book an appointment with your family GP or nurse and they will run through all the contraception options with you. They’ll help you find the right method to suit your body and lifestyle.

What can a Family Planning Clinic offer me?

If you’d rather not head to your family doctor, you can visit a Family Planning Clinic. They are able to take you through the different options and recommend the best method to suit your lifestyle. Some may offer walk-in clinics, which means you may not even have to book an appointment.

Can I ask a pharmacist?

A member of staff at your local chemist may be able to offer you advice on contraception and the pharmacist can also dispense emergency contraception (for details, see the section on Emergency Contraception). If you want to talk through your options in detail, it might be better to visit a family planning clinic or family GP so that you can take the time to discuss the options.

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